“My first week with Spire was the most calm I've had in ten years.”

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Reduce stress by 50%

Unobtrusively clipped to your belt or bra, Spire knows when you're stressed and helps you reduce tension with smart notifications and gentle reminders.

“One of the best ways to improve mental and physical health.” — WSJ

Simply controlling your breathing can lower blood pressure, reduce tension, and increase endorphins. By monitoring your breathing, Spire figures out when you're calm, focused, or tense, and provides you with guidance and exercises when it matters most.

Your personal mindfulness coach

Spire coaches you to a more calm, balanced state of mind. It tracks and improves your state of mind by allowing you to discover when you're stressed, where it happens, and what you were doing.


Small and beautiful

The Spire Stone sits discreetly on your waist or on your bra. As the winner of the 2014 National Hewitt Design Award, the Spire is not only smart, it's also beautiful. You might find yourself wishing it wasn't so discreet.

1,592,030 minutes of
tension eliminated.


Unlike every other gadget I've encountered, the Spire actually gives. It only gives, and takes nothing away. It has transformed the way I live my life, moment by moment, breath by breath…

Hilary Sara

Amazon Reviewer


Spire is so tuned into me and my body, it even lets me know if I'm tense and could use a quick 2 minute meditation boost. … Spire is amazing. It's like a personal buddy at your side, helping you be your best each day

Simone Adams

Amazon Reviewer


Spire is the first wearable that actually measures something relevant to my well-being, rather than just my activity. So, major props to the Spire folks. The design is simple and elegant. No buttons or switches…

Michael Siegel

Amazon Reviewer


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Winner of the 2014
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