“In 1 week, I improved my breathing and calm as much as 4 years of meditation.”

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Spire knows when you're tense and reminds you to take a deep breath.

This is Spire. By measuring your breathing patterns throughout the day, it can notify you when you're tense, guide you to greater calm, and help you discover what makes you focused.

Each week, Spire eliminates over 1 million moments of tension. Our customers report that Spire reduces fatigue and headaches, increases calm and productivity and enables a healthier and more mindful day.


Breathing and controlling your breath is one of the easiest ways to improve mental and physical health.


Based on 7 years of research into the Science of Breath.

Studies have shown how simply controlling our breathing can lower blood pressure, reduce tension and increase endorphins. Spire measures respiratory patterns to detect subtle changes in your state of mind and then guides you to regain calm and focus.

Spire Stone and iPhone

Winner of the 2014
National Design Award

Connects to a Powerful App on the iPhone.

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When you're tense or haven't taken a deep breath.

Guided Boosts

Guided breathing exercises and mini-mediations.

Self Discovery

Tools for discovering what makes you calm and focused and tense.

Activity Tracking

Steps & calorie tracking with inactivity reminders.


Take a deep breath and relax. Behind that common piece of advice is a complex series of physiological processes that calm the body, slow the heart and help control pain.


Award Winning Design. Breakthrough Technology.


All day tracking

Continuously measures inhalation & exhalation times, breath rate, deep breaths, apneaic events, steps and calories. Analyzes breathing patterns to infer state of mind (tense, calm, focus).


Discreetly worn

Clips unobstrusively to your pants or bra. At just 10 mm x 35 mm, you won't notice its there.


Streaming Data

Realtime view of your breath, activity and state of mind.


7-day Battery Life

Charges in 2 hours.


Wash Proof

Strong enough to survive a spin in the wash.


Wireless Charging

Includes wireless charging pad with USB passthrough.


Spire is the first wearable that actually measures something relevant to my well-being rather than just my activity.


See what Spire can do for you.

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What People Are Saying


Unlike every other gadget I've encountered, the Spire actually gives. It only gives, and takes nothing away. It has transformed the way I live my life, moment by moment, breath by breath...

Hilary Sara

Amazon Reviewer


Spire is so tuned into me and my body, it even lets me know if I'm tense and could use a quick 2 minute meditation boost. ... Spire is amazing. Its like a personal buddy at your side, helping you be your best each day...

Simone Adams

Amazon Reviewer


Spire is the first wearable that actually measure something relevant to my wellbeing rather than just my activity. So, major props to the Spire folks. The design is simple and elegant. No buttons or switches...

Michael Siegel

Amazon Reviewer