The easiest way to monitor your sleep, stress and activity.

Make Your
Clothes Smart

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What if your clothes could keep you healthy?

Sarah tagged her sports bra to get the most from her workouts.

Sarah tagging her sports bra

James tagged his briefs to monitor and reduce stress at work.

spire in hand

Megan tagged her pajamas to discover what she can do during the day to sleep better at night.

spire in hand

Meet the Spire Health Tag

Attach Health Tags to your clothes once – and forget about them.

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Unpack your Health Tags

Health Tags are sold individually and in packs of 3, 8 and 15.


Tag your clothes

Apply Health Tags to each piece of clothing you wear most, like bras and underwear.


Wear, rinse, repeat

Just wear and wash your clothes as you would normally.

Monitor your stress, activity and sleep to discover how they affect each other.

How much exercise do you need to improve your sleep? How much sleep do you need to reduce stress at work? Spire provides personalized health insights to help you sleep better, reduce stress, and be more active.


Your complete health partner for both body and mind.

Everything is connected. That’s why Spire not only monitors activity, sleep quality and heart rate, but also monitors your breathing patterns and stress, to provide a complete picture of your health.




Heart Rate & HRV


Sleep Quality


Breathing Patterns


Stress Levels

Spire’s proprietary sensors measure your breath patterns through the expansion and contraction of your chest, identifying moments of tension, focus and calm. Only Spire measures and analyzes your breathing, helping you reduce stress and improve your sleep.

No hassles.  No headaches.

Just apply Spire Health Tags to your bras, underwear, running shorts or pajamas. You won’t see them, feel them, or have any of the hassles of other devices.

1.5 year battery, no charging needed

Works with your existing clothes

Waterproof and washer & dryer safe

Comfortable and safe to wear all day, every day


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Give Spire Health Tags a try. We’re confident you’ll love them. But if you don’t, just send them back any time within 30 days and we’ll give you your money back. We like things that are easy.

The easiest way to better health

Spire Health Tags are available to order now at special launch prices.

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