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Spire is the recognized market leader in continuous respiration sensing, real-time interventions, actionable feedback, and is recommended by thousands of health professionals worldwide.

Our mission is to give every person the power to control their own mental and physical health by capturing real-time bio-signals and making the data useful and actionable. We continue to invest in our health platform and the outcomes our technology can deliver, currently working with partners across a range of mental and physical health conditions such as sleep, asthma, COPD, respiratory depression, and more.

Recommended by thousands of health professionals

We are a small, diverse team dedicated to providing easy ways for people to improve their health. Our team includes leaders in hardware and software engineering, algorithms, marketing, healthcare, and operations from four different continents.

Providing easy ways for people to improve their health.

We're building a new generation of clinical-grade health monitor monitoring devices designed to help accurately monitor critical health data in an innovative new form factor that attaches to the clothes you already wear.

Review a current list of academic papers that reference Spire here.

Our Leaders

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Jonathan Palley


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Neema Moraveji, Ph.D


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Benjamin Yule

Technology & Engineering

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Brad Rodrigues


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Maggie Robb


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Mark Holt, M.D., Ph.D


Our Values

Serve Humanity

Solve real problems for real people. Press through distraction and ego.

Create Impact

Think big. Aim to effect change.

Seek Truth

Embrace problems and find the root cause. Dig deeper. Ask “Why?”

Be Authentic

Communicate and act with integrity.

Build Iteratively

Build and design step by step. Say “Yes and…”

Deliver Quality

Take pride in creating and delivering world-class work to our customers.

Grow Together

Have each other's back. Grow as an organization and as individuals.

Own It

Take initiative. Be accountable. Deliver.


Our work is only made possible by the forward-thinking people from:

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