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Tech Specs


Stone Sensor
Metal Clasp
Wireless Charger

Product Dimensions

Stone: 32mm x 44mm x 14mm
Clasp: 52mm x 12.5mm
Charger: 89mm x 89mm
Battery Life: ~8 days


iPhone 4S & newer
iPad 3rd Gen & newer
iPod Touch 5th Gen & newer
iPad Mini 1st Gen & newer

The Product

What is Spire?

What does Spire track?

How is Spire different from other activity trackers?

How do I wear Spire?

How do I charge my Spire?

What comes in the box?

What is Spire made of?

Can I personalize the clasp?

How long does the battery last?

How small is Spire?

The Features

Does Spire track the number of steps I take?

Can Spire remind me to take a deep breath?

Does Spire track calories?

Does Spire monitor heart rate?

Will Spire dramatically decrease my phone's battery life?

I have Android, can I use Spire?

Is Spire water-resistant?

Is Spire compatible with my wireless charger?

Which mobile devices are supported?

The Science

How does Spire sense my breathing?

What is the science behind Spire?

How do breathing patterns relate to state of mind?

How does Spire help me maintain a healthy level of stress?

How accurate is Spire?

How can Spire improve my life?

Can I use Spire during my yoga or meditation practice?

How does changing my breathing change my state of mind?

Will Spire ever sell my data?

Can I use Spire during sleep?

The Logistics

Can I cancel my order? How do I return or get a refund?

Do you ship internationally?

How does the referral program work?

Where is Spire manufactured?

What data is available through the Spire API?

I’m a researcher or developer—I would like to use Spire for...

Why is there a limited number of Spires available for pre-order?

Is VAT for international orders included in the price?

When will my card be charged?

Why aren't you collecting my shipping information at this time?

When will I receive my Spire?

The Company

Is Spire hiring?

Why did you create Spire?

I’m a member of the media/press, how can I reach you?

What does the name ‘Spire’ mean?